• Our blooming great new stockist

    I am pleased to announce that we have a wonderful smelling, pretty new stockist... The Bloom Bar!

    The Bloom Bar is a gorgeous florist in South Woodford with the best selection of flowers we've seen for a while. With a kaleidoscope of colours and flowers ranging from traditional roses and tulips to more unusual blooms, there are flowers to suit all tastes. They also sell a selection of vases and candle-holders and now some of our beautiful handmade cards.

    The Bloom Bar separates itself from other florists not just with its stunning flowers, but with its trendy interior and laid back attitude. There is a breakfast bar with stools so you can sit and relax while your bouquet is being prepared, or chat to the friendly staff about flowers for your home or an event. The Bloom Bar caters for many occasions and the staff have a wealth of knowledge about flowers and arranging, so go in and have a chat, they are happy to talk!

    They will also soon be running night classes in flower arranging with wine, nibbles and your own handmade bouquet to take home, the perfect girly night out! Stay tuned to their website for more details


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