• Miracle Conditioner!

    Like many women, I am on an endless quest to find the 'miracle' beauty products. Moisturisers that make my skin luminous, body scrubs that make it as smooth as paper, and hair products that give me effortlessly shiny and softly wavy beach locks. For me, the latter being the most important as I am a firm believer of 'the hair makes the girl'. However, I have fine hair. By that I don't mean 'MAN, that girl's hair is FIIIINNNEEEEEE!!!!', I mean 'Flipping hell, my hair is so annoyingly fine, every time I enter centrally heated rooms I look like Sideshow Bob.' This means that it tends to damage easier and look less healthy quicker.

    To aid me on my quest, I try out a lot of samples from magazines (sometimes mine, sometimes friend's and sometimes from the shelves of shops. Haha, just kidding, I don't do that...), usually to absolutely no avail. Until now, that is.

    Last week, peeking out at me from the pages of a glossy was a little sample of Dove's Intensive Repair Conditioner. It was one I'd not tried before, so come bathtime that evening, I slapped it on. Oh. my. goodness. It is so wonderful. Straight away my hair felt soft and smooth, probably because of the serum in the conditioner, it apparently gets inside your hair and repairs it from the inside out. 

    I'm a little bit of a cynical soul, so often claim that the beauty companies probably put a more concentrated sample of their products in magazines to get you hooked. Despite this theory, I threw caution to the wind, placed my trust in Dove and ran out to buy a WHOLE BOTTLE of the stuff. (£1.50 + pp from Superdrug is the cheapest I can find - Free delivery for orders over £25) 

    Happily I can report that it has not let me down. I even let my hair dry naturally, which is the real test, and it looks slick and shiny with no fly-away hairs to speak of. There is also an Intensive Repair Shampoo to go with this conditioner that I haven't tried yet, but I will be buying it at my earliest opportunity.

    I really would thoroughly recommend this range if you have fine or slightly damaged hair as it is the best I have used in a long while, much better than some of the hugely expensive brands that promise the world but rarely deliver. 


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