• It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life and I'm feeling good. Da duh, da duh...

    So here’s a turn up for the books. The 1.5 mile walk to the tube station wasn’t quitDawne as painful as usual this morning. That’s right, waking up at 6am and dragging myself (note the word ‘dragging’ this was still by no means an easy feat) out of my warm, snuggly bed was that tiny bit easier to bear, and do you know why? I’ll tell you for why Gav *in best Stacey voice*, because it was one of those beautiful spring mornings when the light streams through the windows and peeps under the blinds singing ‘waaakkkeee uppp Caroline it’s a brand new dayyyyy’. So I flung the duvet off, leapt out of bed and positively trotted to the station. Yes the wind still nibbled at my ears, yes I secretly wished I had brought my gloves after all and yes, that massive lump of dog you-know-what still jumped out at me when I turned the corner and had to violently swerve to avoid it. BUT everything looked beautiful (apart from the dog poo), the air was crisp, the flowers were starting to bud and for some reason every man that walked past me smelt really, really good.... Look how pretty the walk was, see I'm not mad...

    Much like the sun, Door 77’s blogs have been in hibernation of late and this positively lovely start to my day has inspired me to give you a proper update. As I sit here on the Central line tube (yes, you did hear correctly, SIT, that never ever happens, I told you it was a good day), headed for the murky depths of Oxford Circus station, I’m going to give you the low-down on the latest goings on at Door 77 HQ. 

    After enjoying a superb New Year (and birthday... it’s fine, really, it’s not like I’m getting on for 30 or anything...) in deepest Cornwall, the two of us came back to work fresh as two pretty little daisies, raring to go with lots of exciting new ideas. This is us in Cornwall. It was just before we went surfing:


    Then, DA DA DAAAA Valentine’s Day happened. Whoahhh, slow down Black Beauty.... Madness, pure madness is all I can describe it as. I mean, obviously our cards are beautiful who wouldn’t want one, but were we busy? Just a bit. Which of course, is fantastic if not a little exhausting.

    At the end of January, we also acquired two lovely new stockists. As mentioned before, they are the fabulous Cocoa Bean in Berkshire and The Stationery Boutique in Bedfordshire both sell some really beautiful bits (including ours), we highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

    Anyway, after Valentine’s Day, it was straight into Mother’s Day, in fact we’re in the midst of it now. Don’t forget it’s on the 18th March and there’s still plenty of time to get your orders in. This year we updated our range with some great new designs and kept the old favourites from last year. It’s been so lovely to find out what everyone’s mum’s make the best of, it’s really brightened up our days! We’ve had everything from chocolate pudding, to Cullen skink (sounds lovely?) to some creative soul choosing bunting – that was my favourite, she really thought outside the box there!

    Even in the midst of all this madness, we’ve been beavering away creating beautiful new designs – we have officially come up with the perfect Father’s Day gift, it will be available in approx. 4 week’s time, we’ll leave you in suspenders for now but we think you’re going to love it! We’ve also refreshed our hugely popular range of ‘Cocktail Cushions’ which we can’t wait to show you. We’ve given them a bright new look plus added 2 new additions to the family, they will be on the site in 3 weeks and they’re very excited about meeting you! Finally, we will be launching our new range of tea-towels very soon, they are a quirky little family of 3, each with bright and unique designs, we guarantee they will make drying the dishes that little bit better! 

    On top off all these exciting new designs, you may have noticed our beautiful new range of Italian tableware. We’re absolutely in love with every piece in this range and have picked only the brightest most beautiful colours, they kind of match my mood today... As well as the tableware, there are also STUNNNNING scallop edged oven dishes available in pink, lavender and vibrant lime, they even make my boyfriend want to cook...  

    Anyway, that’s enough for this blog post, I think the length has well and truly made up for their absence over the last few months... Enjoy this gorgeous day, apparently it’s meant to snow again next week....


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