• Biscuits are for life not just for Valentines Day

    This Valentines day we treated our very lucky boyfriends with a load of handmade heart shaped biscuits. We did this for three reasons, 1) we didn't want to buy them anything 2) we fancied some biscuits and 3) I bought some heart shaped pastry cutters at the weekend and wanted to try them out. This is a great thing to do because it looks really thoughtful and like you've put LOADS of effort in, when in fact biscuits are one of the easiest things to make. This is also a very versatile gift as its totally adaptable to the occasion; birthdays, engagements, baby showers, Mother's Day...  it works for 'em all.


    We decided to do a selection of biscuits to keep it interesting, so turned to our favourite recipe site, BBC Food, for some ideas. We went for some gingerbread*, these chocolate harlequin biscuits (because they look cool) and some of my favourite shortbread. 




    Once baked, we melted down some of the lovely Green & Blacks dark chocolate and then drizzled it over the shortbread to make a pretty pattern. To add a personal touch, you can decorate a biscuit with the first letter of the recipients name. You can see from the photos we have done a 'J' and an 'M' for our boyfriends - to preserve their anonymity, lets say their names are Jesus and Moses -  and we have written those letters with the chocolate that we drizzled on the shortbread. Or for something a little different, why not put a joke, or a message on the biscuits. Or you could put a different letter on each one to spell out a word or message and they have to figure out what it says. That way you can spell out something rude and no-one will know but the recipient (if they figure it out!).


    Pop the whole lot into some cellophane, and tie with a pretty ribbon. We used clear, but I would have got some of these if I'd seen them before... In fact, this website Cakes, Cookies & Crafts has lots of nice things that you can use to make yours with, lots of lovely cutters and things to decorate them with.


    Happy baking!


    *I was told that my gingerbread wasn't 'gingery' enough, so if you are going to follow this recipe, you may want to chuck some more ground ginger in.

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