• New Product Mania

    Ding... Ding... Ding... Dong... Rustle rustle... Ding.... Miaow.... Dong...

    Ahhh, summer nights, don't you just love them?! In case you weren't 100% sure, that was the soundtrack we are listening to tonight. The heavenly chiming of our gorgeous string of hanging cowbells being gently swayed by tonights warm summery breeze. Punctuated by our cat trying to get our attention because she probably wants feeding AGAIN. Greedy little madam...

    Anyway, the bells, the bells, the BELLS are amazing. (I hope that Quasimodo quote wasn't lost on anyone, if It was I may now just appear
    cer-azee) They are such a quick and easy way to add interest to even the smallest area, and transform it to an exotic, beautiful sounding

    Other than the fantastic chiming machines we also have some stunning lanterns new in. Exuding rustic and exotic charm these lanterns can be used to add atmosphere anywhere. We have them clustered together in a corner with mirrors behind, reflecting the whole lot. It looks pretty wonderful. You can steal that idea if you like, this ones on us. You're welcome.

    We have had a lovely week, starting with Monday, as is usually the case, and our big screening! Yes, that's right, we were on Britain & Irelands Next Top model! Well, 13 of our cushions were! This is all of them all together! 

    And before you ask, yes, that is how we were told to spell Kimberleigh, yes, it was a pain in the arse to stitch around all those letters, and yes it was made slightly worse that she was the FIRST ONE OFF!! AARGH! You can get your very own one right here and as you can see we have lots of fabrics that we don't have in the drop-down box, so just ask if you want something specific. They aren't just for models, we've found them to be very popular for new babies and new home gifts!

    We've also added ANOTHER fabulous new product, in the shape of these gorgeous hand-woven rugs. The photographs really don't do them justice, they are so vibrant and different, I could actually look at them for hours. The fact that they are practical and actually serve a purpose at the same time is just an added bonus. They are getting snapped up, so order yours now to avoid disappointment.

    Also new is this wonderful hand-stamped wedding card. Perfect as you can choose the colour heart you would like the wording stamped on, choose from 'Mr & Mrs', 'Mr & Mr' or 'Mrs & Mrs', and then add the couples new surname, making it completely individual and special for them. We have also had the absolute brainwave of offering a white wooden frame to buy with it, to give with the card so that the couple can frame it and display it with pride.

    rumble rumble... wooooooo.... rumble rumble.... woooo woooo.... rumble...

    Whats that noise?? Can you hear it?? Ah, yes, that's the sound of another NEW product! It's not quite here yet, but check back on Tuesday and you may just spot it. 

    And on that mysterious note I will leave you for now, desperate for more information, and willing the next three days away. Be patient, he that have patience can have what he will. 

    (Benjamin Franklin said that, not me.)


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