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    Hello there friends! It's been an age, we have so much to catch up on!
    We have been very busy working, moving home, salsa-ing, picnicing, going to concerts/shows/weddings/festivals, i'm sure you can appreciate our little absence from the blogging. 
    Things have settled down a bit now, so we can turn our full attention back to the blog and you fine people. As we have just sooo much to catch up on, we are going to categorise this post with subtitles, partly because it looks well professional and partly because if we don't we will forget something that we wanted to mention, which would be a catastrophic disaster.
    (Sadly, we don't have the capacity to underline the sub-titles, which would have been preferable, so we have gone with the second choice of 'bolding'. Pffffff, would have much preferred them underlined... anyway, mustn't sweat the small stuff.)

    Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model 

    First things first, did anyone see Britain's & Ireland's Next Top Model on Monday night?? It was the first episode in the new series! It was the audition stage, and I reckon there will be a few more episodes like that before we see the final 12 and the house, and more importantly... THE CUSHIONS!! We have been having fun watching the auditions, listening out for names that we recognise, but can't wait to see our lovely cushions making their TV debut! You can catch up on all the action on their site, and you can see all the other companies who contributed to the house here (Liquid Chefs are AMAZING if you are having a big party or a wedding or a slightly over-the-top night in.)

    Veg Watch

    So, onto the vegetable part. Over the last few weeks we have been engaged in a somewhat delicate project that we’ve nattily named ‘veg watch’. Inspired by the beautiful Felicity Kendall and the interesting and knowledgeable people over at, we decided to get ourselves a piece of the ‘good life’ and embark on our own self sufficient adventure. When i say self sufficient, I mean we decided to start a vegetable patch. That’s as far as it’s gone so far – although we have had an argument about whether we can buy a chicken and so far I’m not winning. We have a couple of lovely homemade planters filled with corn, spring onions and peas.

    Corns, peppers & peas 


    We also have a pot that has a lovely strawberry plant growing in it, minding his own business, quietly enjoying the sunny spot we have put him in. Sadly, three tomato plants have moved in, completely un-invited and are now taking up most of the space. We have no idea how they got there, they are refusing to give us any answers. If they don't leave of their own accord soon, we will have no choice to forcibly remove them and relocate them to a pot of their own, far away from strawberry - we don't want any trouble. In front of our planters we also have some rogue potatoes growing. Again, we did not plant them, they must have snuck in with the tomatoes one night when we were out. We were disgruntled at first, but we are nothing if not good hostesses, so we will entertain them and give them everything they need until they are ready to go. Then we will EAT them! mwahaahahahaha. 


    Most of our evenings over the past few weeks have been filled with music festivals, concerts and salsa. The weekend just gone we travelled down to Kent for the Hop Farm festival. Who knew Prince, or symbol, whatever you want to call him, wrote Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Nothing Compares To You’, or indeed that he wears high heels? I’ve never seen such a miniature person, he was like a wierd kind of musical action figure freak man. Tinie Tempah was on before him and we were very excited at the prospect of getting our rap on, but sadly it was really difficult to understand what he was saying and he seemed like he was putting below par effort in, so we didn't dance or rap in protest. We also saw Kings Of Leon in Hyde Park – also a little bit of a disappointment I have to say. I honestly have never seen so many young ladies rolling around comatose on the floor sozzled into oblivion. Almost put me off drinking. Almost. KOL seem to have gotten a little bored of performing, which doesn't exactly make them a joy to watch. Give us The Eagles or Fleetwood Mac any day. 

    Antique Market 

    This coming Tuesday we will be getting up at 6, shutting the workshop and driving for HOURS to go to a fabulous antique market. We are so excited. Everyone these days seems to want a few gorgeous unique bits in their home to make it stand apart from the next, but sadly not everyone can take time out to go and trawl through markets. Or perhaps for some people the thought of searching through piles of toot to find treasure is about as appealing as having root canal. Well that is where we are here to help! We LOVE searching through toot and can't wait to see what treasures we can find for you. All our finds will be for sale in the 'Unique Pieces' section of our site on Wednesday or Thursday (don't worry, we'll let you know as soon as they are up), so everyone will have the chance to buy something gorgeous and completely unique without the hassle of having to go anywhere! 


    There is also going to be a new section on the site called 'Invites'. Here you will be able to tailor make your perfect invite, in your desired colour, font and wording. We will even send them all out for you so that it's one less thing for you to have to organise. All you will need to do is make your design selections, choose your quantity & whether you would like them sent out 1st or 2nd class, and we will be in touch to finalise wording and guestlist. We will then send you a proof in the post to make sure that you are 100% happy, and when you are we will send them all out to your guests. It couldn't be easier!

    So, I think that pretty much fills you in with what we have been up to. Feel free to comment on this post if you have any useful ideas on why our Veg patch is being invaded, or if you have anything you would like us to keep an eye out for at the antique market on Tuesday. We will be more than happy to look for personal requests for anyone. 

    Until next week!


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