• It's chicos y chicas time!

    So, this week we started Salsa lessons. After a great night out at Floridita watching glamorous couples swirl around the dance floor so fast my eyes couldn't keep up, we were totally set on the idea of learning ourselves.

    On Wednesday night we took (dragged) our boyfriends to the class. All dressed up in our best salsa outfits ready to make some new friends, maybe drink a couple of Mojitos and ultimately learn to dance so well we'd put those cool cats at Floridita to shame. It was a teensy disappointment when we found the address only to discover it was in an old church hall and there was no-one else there apart from us and the 2 elderly teachers. Well, not 2 teachers, as Dorothy pointed out several times, Henry is her assistant, not a teacher. By the way, their names aren't really Dorothy and Henry, I've given them aliases to protect their identity - they might feel I'm making a mockery of them....

    After paying our £6.50 (we felt too guilty to use our '£1 off your 1st class' voucher) we diligently lined up facing Dorothy who had whipped out a natty looking 'Madonna microphone' and attached it to her head. I'm not entirely sure it was worth it, her mouth moved but the sound came from the speakers on the other side of the room. It complicated things a little. On the plus side she looked a bit like Madonna so that's pretty cool.

    Anyway, after 20 minutes or so they soon realised we weren't your average beginners. We'd picked up the 'mambo and sidestep basic' remarkably quickly. Henry, Dorothy's 80 year old perma-tanned 'assistant' looked really impressed. They decided to move us on to the 'chicos y chicas' move, see example here at 38 seconds (I don't know what they're doing before that - looks rubbish though, definitely not how we looked at all): Again, please keep in mind that obviously we were way better than this, it's just to give you an idea.

    We spent the rest of the lesson perfecting this move. I was great but was a little let down by my partner at times, he's quite a large chap and he had a habit of knocking my head with his 'muscular' arms every time I tried to elegantly swing under them. I might ditch him next week and use Henry instead.

    So that was it really, a great time was had by all, just a little disappointed at the lack of Mojitos and people. We've nearly mastered the art that is 'Salsa', just a couple more weeks and we should be ready to hit the town. I do feel a bit bad for Dotty and Henry though, I don't know what they'll do without us.

    Now, dancing aside, the world of Door 77 has been an exciting one this week. For those of you following us on Twitter you may have noticed our illusive message mentioning that we've had some good news. Now I can divulge a bit more, we're extremely proud to announce that Door 77 has been short-listed for the 'New Business Of The Year' award at the 'Make Awards'. How amazing is that!? We're keeping our fingers, toes and ears firmly crossed, but even getting this far is brilliant. 

    We were also featured twice in the 'Perfect Gift Guide' that came out the other week so keep your eyes peeled for that one, we've been so busy as a result and feel we deserve a little break. Oh, wait, one of us is already having a break - little sis is currently sunning herself in beautiful Majorca, the lucky thing. I believe she will be taking dinner at the fabulous Cap Rocat tonight (that was my recommendation - you're welcome sis). Lucky her eh. Not that I'm jealous at all - it's hot outside, the dog's barking next door and 3 chinooks just flew past the window. Not sure what that was about but I hear it's 'Judgement Day' today so hopefully not anything to do with that...

    Have a super weekend everyone, make it a good one!

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