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    Hope you have all been well since we last wrote, and that you all enjoyed *watching the beautiful spectacle that was the Royal Wedding. Back to the daily grind now and five long days of work before the weekend, what an absolute joke... At least it's still sunny!

    You will be pleased to know that we have been using the free time wisely and have not frittered it away like so many of you will have. (tut tut) We have been getting on with lots of useful and beneficial things. For starters, we have been planting all kinds of things into pots. All our veggies, salad bits and some strawberries! Last year we went a bit OTT with the vegetable plot and planted so much stuff together, that it all died. This year we have selected only the best veg, salad and fruit to grow, and are confident that people will be coming from miles around to see our amazing home grown produce. At the other end of the spectrum, far, far away from the garden, we have been delving deep into the black hole that is known as 'the HTML'. The more eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed two things different on the site... Firstly, we have managed to add a Facebook 'like' button to the bottom left. We are as yet not 100% sure as to the benefits of this, as it doesn't seem to affect our Facebook 'page' in any way when you click it, but by heck, it sure looks professional. Click it, if nothing else, it is fun to click things. Secondly, we have added a twitter 'stream' to the blog home page! We have a better idea of what this does. It basically shows you what we are saying on Twitter, but on here instead. The point being, you come on here to read the blog, see the stream, see the really interesting things that we say on Twitter DAILY and think 'I must have been a fool to have not been following Door_77 on twitter. Their blog is so interesting and insightful, the only bad thing being that it is not updated more frequently, and now I see that they write just as interesting and insightful things on their Twitter account DAILY. I simply must follow them and tell everyone I know to do the same!' That is the general gist anyway, I think. 

    Other than THAT, we have been working on our Father's Day cards. Father's Day is on the 19th June this year. Don't forget, as although they act like they aren't bothered by it, I reckon they really look forward to it and secretly hope they will get a really nice card from you with a lovely message inside telling them just how much you love them. We can help with that! The cards are all up on the site now, and there are more to come. But don't forget, if there is something special that you want to say, just let us know, and we can hand-stamp your own message onto a card at no extra cost. That's the kinda girls we are! 

    We have also added a new product which is the 'Personalised Children's Bunting', made out of the same colourful foam as the beautiful 'Alphabet Bunting'. This bunting can be personalised with your own wording, perfect to hang on a child's door, bed, or wherever they like to play. Check it out

    Off to go and do some knitting, have lovely evenings and weeks, and don't forget to click our new buttons!


    *getting pissed on your free day off.

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