• Stuffed Tuesday

    Happy back-at-work Tuesday guys! Bet you were all super excited to return back to work after 4 days in the sun...!! No-one??! Oh. 

    Well, turn those frowns upside down as, (I am sure you are very VERY aware) it is a 3 day week. And ANOTHER Bank Holiday. It is literally like Christmas has come early. I almost wish I had a rubbish job that I hated, so I could feel the satisfaction of running out of there Thursday evening for a second week running, knowing I don't need to go back for aaaaaages. 

    So, first thing's first, what have we been up to...

    Well, just over a week ago, we were up at the Marathon, cheering everyone on. You will be pleased to know my boyfriend ran, finished and still has all his feet and legs working as they should. He also raised over £2000 for The Prostate Cancer Charity, which is a-mazing, and means that he is automatically offered a place again next year. He has already been asked by the Teenage Cancer Trust if he would like to run for them next year, so that is ace. Well done him and all the others.

    In between then and the Easter weekend we were finalizing and photographing our latest products to go on the site, which are... da da daaaaaaaaaaa.... the Cocktail cushions!!! If you have not checked them out yet, you simply must. We just love them and think they will bring a bit of fun and colour into any room. They would be especially lovely in a conservatory, or on the garden furniture during a lovely summer party. Or in a bar, or by the pool. Or on a roof terrace. Or as a gift for a friend who loves cocktails. We are also working on more recipes as these ones have gone down so well, so keep checking back to see if more have been updated. We have also been working on our picnic blankets, which we hope to have done soon to show you all, and also some gorgeous tea light holders. 

    We had such a lovely Easter weekend, ate lots, saw friends, even had a few parties. Perfik. On Easter Sunday, we had boiled eggs and soldiers for brekkie and we drew each other on our eggs. That is EXACTLY what my boyfriend looks like (the one on the left, in the blue campervan). Then in the afternoon we had a picnic, with big sissy in charge of the catering. Being a FANTASTIC cook we were expecting great things, and oh my, she did not disappoint. On the menu was; Assorted sandwiches, homemade sausage & apple rolls, homemade Scotch eggs, homemade caramelised onion & sausage puffs, stilton & garlic stuffed mushrooms, grilled halloumi... I forget the rest, but there was more and it was ALL delish. See below. 



    In case you are planning on having a picnic or party yourself over the coming weekend, I would highly recommend these dishes, ESPECIALLY the sausage & caramelized onion puffs. Here are some of the recipes that she used:

    Sausage & apple rolls:

    Tomato & basil tart: 

    Sausage & caramelized onion puffs:

    Scotch Eggs: 

    Or if you want to do some sweet things and feel like cupcakes are a little passe, why not make some lovely fondant fancies!

    Fondant Fancies:


    So that brings us up to date from the Easter weekend. We are stuffed, the picnic, plus left overs on Monday and goodness knows how many Easter Eggs has left us ready to pop. It's diet and exercise for the next 3 days, then probably much of the same next weekend. Which starts Thursday lunchtime for us as we have the final of Britain's Next Top Model to attend! They will probably get us up on stage to thank us for the cushions we made from them, so I expect you will see us on the telly in October, next to Elle. They may even ask us to announce the winner. Not definitely though, just probably. Lovely drinks and then dinner afterwards and also more than likely some dancing. Brilliant start to a lovely weekend!

    We hope you all have lovely times doing whatever you are doing, and good luck to Will and Catherine for Friday (they read the blog). Sorry we can't make the wedding, we've just got a big night out on Thursday and doubt we will get up in time. Hope you understand. 


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