• Respect to the Runners

    As I have got older (not that old), I have come to accept some of life's more unfortunate eventualities. Some of the ones most fresh in my mind being these;

    1. I will never win the Grand National. My horse will more often than not be the one who pulls up at the first fence and then runs around happily jockey-less for the duration of the race.
    2. When I find that perfect dress that I cannot live without, they will not have my size left, in that or any of the other branches around the UK. They will then discontinue that dress.
    3. Both the toilet roll and kitchen roll will only run out when it is my turn to use it. No-one else will ever have to change it. Live with me and that is just one of the perks.
    4. I am never going to be able to restrict Easter Egg eating to only Easter Day.
    5. I will never run the marathon.

    Now I know you have read those points and nodded along, agreeing that those things are 'just the way it is', but then paused at No. 5 thinking 'wait, surely ANYONE who wants to can run a marathon?!' You are wrong. I fall into the category of the people who run for about a minute and then start tasting blood and freak out. I see all the people running around, especially now as they are all probably training for the marathon, and I just have nothing but respect for them. 

    My boyfriend is one of these people, he got a place running for The Prostate Cancer charity* at the last minute, meaning he was behind on the training by a month or so. Then a few weeks ago, he ran over a bit of knobbly ground and snapped his ankle ligament. Unable to run, he has had to rest it, and then keep his fitness up by using an exercise bike (in front of the telly, obvs). Being a wonderful girlfriend/person, I offered to accompany him on his first tentative run since the injury, in case anything snaps, or he needs help etc etc. The run was scheduled for last night, and yesterday lunchtime, I was actually kind of looking forward to it. I was even planning the things I could get to eat after as a reward. (Buttons Easter Egg - medium size). He was suggesting running a mile and a half, that's all! I probably power walk that far around Topshop every week trying to find the changing room with the smallest queue - this would be easy-peasy. As the time drew closer however, I started to have my doubts. Obviously the run was not going to be fun, plus I would need to have a shower and re-moisturise after, PLUS I had seen there was a programme on about Liberty's that I really wanted to see. It seemed like everything was telling me not to go. So I suggested selflessly that perhaps it would be detrimental to his training if I was there, holding him back, and should he not go at the pace he is accustomed to, as maybe it might injure him or something if he slowed down to run with me?? He agreed with me, so I gallantly stepped down.

    The point of this being, that there are a lot of amazing people running, with lots of amazing stories and things that they have had to overcome to do it. I can't imagine that it is easy for anyone, and I have the utmost respect for everyone who takes it on. I will be there on Sunday, cheering for every single person. Well, alternating between that and crying. I am a complete emotional wreck every year, there's just something about everyone coming together to support a load of people they don't even know and will never meet, that really touches me.

    So this post is dedicated to all the people who are running on Sunday, however you do it, whatever time you get, you have done yourself proud. 



    *If you want to support him, this is his fundraising page

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