• A Little Piece of Heaven

    We don't know whether we have been brain-washed by the summer skin adverts on TV, or the people we know who are having early holidays this year and coming back with awesome tans... But this weekend we decided we were pasty and that this needed to be changed ASAP. So, we went out and bought a few cans of the best tanning juice we could find and set about turning our shower into a little spray tan booth. What a fun way to spend half an hour!! After deciding that we both had very good, realistic, biscuit coloured tans, we sat ourselves down to dry and waited for our boyfriends and their exclamations of wonder at how amazing and naturally tanned we both looked. Had we been away without telling them?? Had we secretly had those tanning injections?? No, no, we would laughingly tell them, we have just been in our private and exclusive tanning booth. Anyway, long story short, they came in, said nothing and turned the football on. We looked at each other in surprise and indignation then decided that they were obviously just jealous. After congratulating ourselves a bit more on a screaming success of a tanning job, we noticed one small problem...

       PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the colour of the rest of our bodies!

    If anyone has any useful ideas about how to rectify this, or how not to have this happen in the first place, we would be relatively interested in hearing them. 

    This weekend wasn't just about dying our feet brown, we also discovered an amazing cocktail book from the 70s at our parents house. Littered with pictures of boufants and women posing in various ridiculous outfits with obligatory cocktail in hand, we spent a happy few hours giggling away and finding the stupidest pictures to tell each other we looked just like. 

    Scoff we might have done but a few hours later our scoffing was no more as we happily polished off our fourth (fifth) 'A Little Piece of Heaven'. A little piece of heaven it was indeed. No doubt about that what so ever. Zilch. A beautiful mix of rum, schnapps and a couple of different fruit juices (can't remember which, they weren't important). We drank our way through 'Come Dine With Me' zig-zagged over to 'Lewis' then staggered over to 'The Only Way Is Essex'. Which we saw being filmed down the road AGAIN the other day. Not sure how we feel about that... Best line of the night award goes to Kirk for 'Shut up, you dinosaur, you're just an extra!' We're para-phrasing, but that was the gist. Kirk, your prize is getting to come round to ours for 'A Little Piece of Heaven'.

    Anyway, all this cocktail fabulousness nicely segways us to the first few products from our new garden range we added to the site today. So far we've added 2 big beautiful cushions which will be fab for decorating your outside space. They measure a very generous 60cm x 60cm each and will be perfect for kicking back on, on those warm summer days with 'A Little Piece of Heaven' in hand. We'll be adding another 4 from this range over the coming weeks, you can also expect smaller cushions, some fabbo blankets and perhaps a couple of completely different bits and pieces you weren't expecting.

    Finally, what REALLY made our weekend was hearing from a lovely woman who had taken time out from her weekend to send us an e-mail telling us how much she likes the site and blog. How lovely to hear, it's so nice when people are nice. Thank you to her, and thank you to all the other lovely people who have been giving us great feedback along the way.

    Keep checking back, we're updating all the time. 

    Bottoms up!


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