• Summer Planning Thursday

    Hello! We hope that you have had a lovely few weeks and have been enjoying this little teaser of summer weather we have been experiencing. It is definitely warm enough to sit outside without a coat on (if you are sitting directly in the sun, wearing a chunky cardie and a scarf, for about 10 minutes) so that is good enough for us! I think I even got a tan on my left forearm through the window yesterday, can't WAIT to show that off this weekend. With the clocks going forward on Sunday and all this summery-ness, we've got to thinking about all our summery plans that are unfolding over the next few months. We won tickets to Wimbledon in the public ballot for the first Friday, centre court - get in. That's the best day. I'm not going to lie, I already know what i'm wearing. We are also VERY excited about the open air music we will be hearing this year. There are some brilliant artists at the Kenwood House and Audley End picnic concerts (stick your e-mail in here to be told when tickets go on sale). For me it's probably going to have to be Sir Tom Jones, and The Gipsy Kings. But I won't need to be asked twice to see the Bootleg Beatles again, they are amazing, plus they are on the same night as Bjorn again, who I haven't seen yet, but very much want to. There are also some acts at Kew that I wouldn't mind seeing,  can't quite decide between them... perhaps i'll just take my tent and live there for the week. To my knowledge the Summer series line-up at Somerset House hasn't been announced, but there is always at least three people I want to see. And of course lets not forget the wonderful Rihanna is going to be at V. It's tricky as I very much want to see her, but very much don't want to go to V. But I think the want to see her and drink beer in the sun will definitely win out. Oooh nana, whats-a-my name... etc. So that's the bare bones of the summer plans laid out, rich in live music experiences, but very very poor in the monetary sense. 

    We have also been doing some exciting work with our elusive summer range, and have been running out to photograph bits and pieces every time the sun pops out. We are super excited about one range in particular, but we can't say what it is in case there are ideas thieves operating in this area. But we can tell you it involves cocktails! Yippee. We love cocktails, you love cocktails, everyone's a winner. Watch this space. Going to be doing some kick-ass picnic blankets too, to take to all of the wonderful music concerts. We really do think of everything. We have a wonderful photo-shoot booked in too with the fabulous people at who have an ace vintage airstream that they hire out. Can't wait!

    In other news, it's Mother's Day in 10 days, don't forget to buy a card! Or if you are tight and don't want to buy one, you have approximately 5 hours to enter our competition and win a personalised one for FREE! Why would you not? Do it. If you are too late, we will be sending cards out 1st class, same day from now on, so you will be able to order right up to the 31st to receive your card in time for next Sunday.

    Time to round this up, have photos to edit, cushions to make, recordings of The Only Way is Essex to watch, you know how it goes. (What is wrong with that girls face, she looks like she is melting.)

    Until next time. 


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