• Britain's Next Top Model... Done.

    Apologies for the radio silence AGAIN, we are sorry but feel sure that when you hear about our busy-ness you will forgive us entirely. We are also sorry for the fact our beautiful and much hyped garden range is not up yet, please see previous excuse.

    Orders have started coming in now for Mothers Day cards, and we anticipate a month long card buying frenzy, similar to the infamous Valentine-mania of January/February. For this we have been getting prepared, putting our metaphorical riot gear on and stamping until our poor little fingers need to be bathed in lukewarm bowls of water and jojoba oil. NOT that we are complaining, we love making them, and have loved coming up with new ideas for our range of Mothers Day cards. Check them out, and bear in mind that they can all be personalised or changed to suit your Mum. One lady has asked for 'Biryani' instead of 'Roast potatoes' on the 'You make the best roast potatoes in the World', which is fine by us!

    As the title of this post suggests, we have also been approached by Britain's Next Top Model to make personalised cushions for the finalists! Very very exciting. Only thing is that we have had a VERY limited time to actually make them in. Cue 'Challenge Anneka' style jumpsuits, sweatbands, caffeine and staying up all hours sewing. Rock and Roll baby. We have finished them all now, and they look ace if we do say so ourselves. Lots of different fabrics, names and buttons... can't wait to see them on TV! We are heading up today in our finest threads to hand deliver them, going to have a little nose around the house while we are there (hopefully!) So keep your eyes and ears peeled for the start of the programme, around October time. 

    As most of you know, it is Shrove Tuesday, better known as PANCAKE DAY! Yay. We love pancakes. Traditionally, the reason that you are supposed to eat pancakes today is because the luxury ingredients (fat, sugar, eggs) are not supposed to be eaten during the time of Lent, which starts tomorrow. We have also just found out that Mardi Gras and other carnivals around the world going on at this time, Rio, Trinidad etc are related to this as its a last celebration before the sombre fasting time. So, you know what this means.... Cocktails tonight! Yesss. Celebrate good times, come one. Which leads us smoothly only our next bit...

    We just got VOGUE! We get it earlier than everyone else, because we are in it, innit. It comes out officially in two days, on the 10th, so go get it, go get it!! There is a photo of one of our lovely cushions and a little bit of info about the company. Unbelievably exciting to see our products in print, can't imagine what its going to be like seeing them on TV! Also, we were interviewed by this week, check it out here on their blog...

    We will round this up now, as it's a truly beautiful day outside, and we have some hand delivering and champagne drinking to do. Have good Tuesdays.


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