• The week we tried the exercise

    Hello! Sorry for our lengthy absence, we have been busy bees and have not had enough hours in the day to write a blog. Last week we were finalising designs for our garden range of furnishings, which we are working on this week, and will (hopefully) be on the site next week. We've got some beautiful fabrics and lovely products, so hopefully there will be something to suit everyone's tastes.

    However, you will be pleased to know that we haven't been working solidly since we last spoke, no no, we always find time for some fun. We were inspired by our little cupcake squirrel from last week, and made our own this weekend...


    I know, I know, you need not say a word, they do look amazing, and they tasted even better. And they gave us an excuse to use the beautiful Rob Ryan platter we have had locked away since Christmas, waiting in the dark for an occasion as delicious as this to be called upon for its service. 

    After eating two (five) cupcakes each we felt a little guilty, so decided to do a mini workout. Having just downloaded the Nike training club "app" on the old i-phone we decided to give it a whirl. Obviously being super-fit we were going to go for the expert level, but didn't have the required apparatus of medicine ball and weights (who does?!). So we had to opt for the beginners level which required nothing but the ability to do 30 minutes of moderately light 1 minute exercises. After much scoffing at the 'really easy' routine and laughing at the videos of the women demonstrating the exercises, we were good to go.

    That will be the last time we mock anything, ever. Half an hour later we had emerged, purple and sweaty, barely able to walk and had to rest for the remainder of the day depressed and deflated.

    Right on cue to cheer us up was the launch of Mr Porter today! For those of you who don't know, Mr Porter is the male equivalent of Net a Porter. Under the pretense of 'looking for presents for men we know' we have spent a happy half hour perving on the underwear models. I think that's fine to admit, because I am 98% sure that everyone does that. 

    So that brings us all up to date, keep checking back for the new products that will be trickling onto the site in the next few weeks. Also, its 2 weeks and 2 days until Vogue comes out and less than 2 months until the 'Occasions Gift Guide 2011' comes out, so get yourself on the mailing list to get yourself a copy!


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