• A schmoke and a pancake? No, no, a squirrel and a cupcake.

    I saw a squirrel eating a cupcake yesterday. ‘Oh my goodness, that’s unbelievable’ I hear you shriek – and, yes, I know it is. There I was minding my own business driving through the back roads of Wanstead when I approached a big red brick wall. There on top of it was a squirrel calmly nibbling away at a perfectly formed white cupcake. Well, as I’m sure anyone else in my position would do, I slammed on my brakes in order to try and get a picture. I mean, you don’t see things like that twice in a lifetime. Unfortunately the slamming of the brakes scared the squirrel and it skipped away, along with any chance I had of winning next year’s Wildlife Photographer Of The Year award. Annoyingly, I then had to do a 3 point turn to get into the next road because my emergency stop had skidded me too far forward to simply turn left – much to the irritation of the 6 cars behind me. Ultimately, my photo shoot was a fail so you’ll have to make do with the below instead, it was a pretty similar sight except that the cupcake was white…


    Anyway, that’s the breaking news out of the way so I’ll give you the headlines on what we’ve been up to over the last couple of days: 

    • Spoken to Vogue and it’s official, we will be in the April issue which goes out on the 10th March. Buy it. We mean it. We’ll be very disappointed if you don’t. 
    • Done an interview for NOTHS which goes out on Monday – we need to get photographs done for that asap, though, which we’re dreading a little bit. 
    • Been in talks with a couple of other magazines about features, very exciting! 
    • Started on our summer garden collection which we think is looking fab, if we do say so ourselves! At the moment we have a beautiful picnic blanket and a couple of massivo outdoor cushions. We hope to start getting everything up on the site within the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

    That’s about it for today, must get on - cushions to sew, Valentines cards to make (oh yes, people are still ordering them believe it or not.…).


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