Well. As sure as Monday follows Sunday, good follows bad. And to follow our troublesome day, we have been given a beautiful day. Awoken by the sun streaming through our windows and the binmen shouting cheerily to each other outside, who could fail to wake up in a great mood?!


    This has brought us right back to our penultimate post, and we are, yet again looking forward to the summer! 134 days to go! Woohoo indeed. 

    In case you were wondering what happened to shredder the spider of the 'A troublesome day' post fame, he is safe and well, living outside as mother nature intended. Hes just a bit (lot) flatter. Not really. We are nothing if not nature lovers, and after a bit of screaming and unnecessary flapping around, our thoughts were focused entirely on the rescue mission, which we named 'Get Shredder The Spider Back To His Natural Habitat Or Somewhere That He Will Be Happy But Mainly Just Out Of Our Sewing Room.' (we are better at sewing than we are thinking of names for rescue missions.) So a plan was formed, and with the aid of a glass, a bank statement and huge amounts of bravery on our parts, he is now free and happy. He has written to us once and said he is settled in his new home and has even made a friend called Incy, who used to live in the drainpipe but had to relocate after a heavy rainfall last week. I just LOVE a happy ending.

    We are off now to go and source some fantastic materials for some rather wonderful pieces for our summer garden range, keep checking in and if you're lucky you may see a sneak preview!

    Have lovely days!


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