• A troublesome day

    We're not going to lie. Today's been traumatic. Look at what we found crawling along our pin board. That pin board took us ages to make and now we can't even look at it let alone pin anything on it. And the spider's the same colour as the board so who knows how many more are camouflaged on it, waiting, ready to pounce. 


    Then just to top our day off, we went to buy our SSBBs (Saturday Salt Beef Bagels), hungover and still wearing pyjamas under our coats and we had to queue for half and hour, yes that's right half an hour. No make up, hangover sweats and wearing our pyjamas we had to stand in that bloody shop waiting and waiting and waiting while the other preened customers looked on in disgust. We finally got home and realised we'd been over charged by a whole 90p. Brilliant.

    Today is cushion stamping Saturday and we're stamping quite angrily I have to say. Shredder The Spider's forced us to move our equipment into another room which really isn't ideal, we're creatures of habit and working in this new room just doesn't make us comfortable.

    Anyway, enough of the negativity it's karaoke night tonight - that should be fun (ahem). 

    We'll write a cheerier post soon, apologies for the misery today and we hope the pic hasn't scared you, we're sure you can understand our mood though - it has really been the most terrible of days.


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