• 141 days to Summer

    Good day. 

    This afternoon, amongst other things we have been working on our S/S11 range and it has got us in the mood for some SUN. Although we are from Essex, we will not be running down to our local sunbed shop, and seeing as a holiday is completely out of the question, the only option is to do a countdown to our brilliant British summertime. Still 141 days, I just checked.

    We are dreaming of garden parties with cocktails and little lights and beautiful floaty dresses... so to us that means big gorgeous colourful floor cushions, appliqued picnic rugs, bunting, hand-made tea light holders and buying a beautiful floaty dress.

    Here is just one of the fabrics we have been working with today, if this doesn't get you in a summery (or springy) mood, I don't know what will, and you should move to Alaska.

    We will leave you with news today that there is a new phenomenon in town called 'drunch'. Drunch is the new brunch - you meet at 11am on a Saturday for cocktails. Sounds kind of wonderful. Were trying it this weekend, will probably post another blog when we are completely smasheroonied. At about 11:30am.

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